Okinawan Folk Music in Koza

Kozue Chinen sings Okinawa folk song with sanshin

Last month, a small Okinawan folk music concert was held in Koza (Okinawa City). It was an outreach and fund raising event for TERURIN Festival, the free Okinawan folk music event, which will be held on April 17th. You can take a look at some photos from the last year’s festival HERE and HERE.

Eisa group members perform sanshin and drums

In this pre-festival gig, Okinawa folk singers such as Kozue Chinen, Masayuki Kuba and a member of Sonda Eisa group came to make some noise for Okinawa folk music fans. Also, there was a special appearance of Okinawan folk musician Kazutoshi Matsuda.

Check out the video excerpt from the gig below:

Musicians performing sanshin and drums

Kazutoshi Matsuda performs sanshin

Okinawa City
March 2016


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