Naha’s Giant Tug of War in 2016

The crowds work together to pull the giant rope

On October 9th, the 46th Naha Giant Tug of War (那覇大綱挽) was held in the center of the city. According to the organizers’ of the event, 275,000 people came to either participate in or just watch the game using the world’s largest rope.

I mainly shot video, but here are some stills:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It seems that more people coming to this event every year, and now it’s hard to participate in the tug of war unless you get here earlier.

In addition to the tug of war, the festival was going on at Onoyama Park throughout the 3-day weekend. This year, an Okinawan salsa band Kachimba4 performed at the concert on Sunday and turned the place into a dance floor.


Kachimba4 performed at Orion Beer Paradise
Okinawan folk singers Yoriko Ganeko and Claudia Oshiro who performed earlier joined Kachimba4 as dancers.


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