A little Okinawan folk music concert in Koza

Toru Yonaha sings and plays sanshin

The annual Okinawan folk music festival in Koza, Terurin-sai ( Terurin Festival), is right around the corner, and a free concert event was held at Chuo Park Avenue a couple of weeks ago.

This event was to promote the festival in April as well as to commemorate the birthday of late Rinsuke Teruya (照屋林助), commonly known as Terurin (てるりん). The musician was one of the biggest stars in the post-war Okinawa. To celebrate his achievement, Okinawan folk musicians – Shuken Maekawa (前川守賢), Toru Yonaha (よなは徹), Kozue Chinen (知念こずえ), and Tomoki Kiyuna (喜友名ともき) – stood on stage.

Tomoki Kiyuna sings and plays sanshin

Kozue Chinen sings and plays sanshin

Shuken Maekawa sings and plays sanshin, and Toru Yonaha plays taiko drums

March 2017
Okinawa City, Okinawa


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