Trans Asia Music Meeting 2017

Back in January, there was a music-related event in Naha, Okinawa called Trans Asia Music Meeting 2017, which is “to introduce Okinawan music to the world and build a musical network linking Okinawa with the rest of Asia”.

The event showcased musicians from not only Okinawa but other Asian countries as well, and I had a chance to see a few shows.

Okinawan folk singer Kanako Horiuchi sings and plays sanshin
My friend and an Okinawan folk singer Kanako Horiuchi appeared on stage and entertained the audience with her voice and sanshin.

David Chen of Fade to Blue plays the guitar
Without any prior information, besides they were from Taiwan, I had no idea what kind of music the guitar and pipa duo plays. By mixing blues with traditional Chinese music, Fade to Blue just blew me away.

Chung Yufeng of Fade To Blue plays the 4-string instrument pipa
The Taiwanese-American guitarist David Chen and the Taiwanese pipa (the 4-string instrument) player Chung Yufeng were a great musical discovery for me. If you were interested, check out their website.

January 2017
Naha, Okinawa


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