Okinawan Folk Music Festival on the Street of Koza

Young Okinawan folk singer Akane Murayoshi sings and plays sanshin

The annual Okinawan folk music street concert will kick start this coming Sunday in Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan.

Koza Terurin Festival celebrating the late post-war Okinawan superstar Rinsuke “Terurin” Teruya‘s birthday is one of the biggest Okinawan folk music concerts. Dozens of well-known Okinawan folk musicians from big names to young ones will appear on stage tomorrow.

Here are some scenes from the last year’s event:

Okinawan Folk singer Aiko Yohen sings and plays sanshin with Akane MurayoshiOkinawan Folk musician Yukito Ara sings and plays sanshinLegendary Okinawan Folk singer Misako Oshiro appears on stage with her student Itsumi HigaLegendary Okinawan Folk singer and producer Sadao Chinen plays sanshin on stageThe street is packed with the audience at night

April 2016
Okinawa City, Okinawa


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