Travel through the streets of Kobe

On the way back to Kochi from Okinawa, I briefly stopped by in Kobe last year. Here are some photos from Motomachi Chinatown and Ninomiya Shopping District near Sannomiya Station.

A small alley in Kobe's Chinatown is decorated with Chinese lanterns at night

It was the first time for me to visit Ninomiya Area where still keeps old Japanese style streetscape even though it’s very close to the center of the city. I’m hoping to come back to explore more around this area.

An empty old shopping district in Ninomiya Kobe at night

Anyway, all the photos have been processed using Aurora HDR 2018. I’ve been trying out this software and very impressed with the results so far. Photomatix Pro 5 has been my software of choice for HDR, but now I have to pay if I want to upgrade. So I thought that it might be a good chance to try Aurora.

Looking up Xi'an Gate in Kobe's Chinatown at night

It’s easier for me to use Aurora than Photomatix Pro 5 because Aurora’s parameters are fairly straightforward. I can see what it’s doing by moving a slider clearly.

See yourself by trying Aurora HDR 2018 for free if you were interested.


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