Stock Footage: Summer with a Mosquito Coil

This short footage of a mosquito coil repellent on a tatami matte is available at Adobe Stock now. It’s a traditional summer scenery in Japan.

Enjoy the quiet, minimalistic, and meditative moment with the video!


94-Year-Old Dancing Granny from Okinawa

The short documentary from Okinawa is finally out!

As a member of Team Okinawa, I helped to make a documentary film on Kohama Island in Okinawa, Japan last December. The 94-year-old dancing grannie on Kohama grabbed the attention of the international filmmakers’, and they decided to tell her story.

preparing for the interview shoot during the film production

The film was shared over 400 times on Facebook in the first two days without any promotion and was picked up by Upworthy recently.


Also, you can read the behind the scenes story by our director of photography Jord Christopher HERE.

Monitoring audio for the interview shoot during the film production

Hope you all like the documentary, and please share the video with your families and friends!

Filming on location around Kohama Island


Watch: The Woman Who Sold Everything To Help Those With Nothing

Last December, I joined Muse Storytelling Team Okinawa to help to tell the story of a 94-year-old dancing lady on Kohama Island, Okinawa, Japan. The short documentary is expected to be released sometime this summer.

In the meantime, watch this amazing documentary made by another team from Muse Storytelling! Team Houston depicted this lady helping homeless people in Houston, Texas.

Also, you may read the story behind this film production here.

Okinawa Music Live Recording Session

Okinawa folk singer Kanako Horiuchi recorded a song with her teacher Misako Oshiro at a bar in Naha, Okinawa last November. I had a chance to shoot the behind the scenes of the recording session.

This Okinawa folk song recorded in front of the audience is titled Sangwachimeh (sister of March). In the video, they explain the story taking place in the song before starting playing since the lyrics are entirely written in the Okinawan language.

The song is about the ugly young lady named Makate goes out with her friends on the Day of Going to the Beach, March 3rd on the lunar calendar. It is the day to spiritually cleanse yourself by going to the beach in Okinawa. It’s also considered as the women’s day.

In the lyrics, Makate wears her makeup before going out with her friends at her workplace, but she is taking a long time. Then her friends make fun of her, and she gets upset and refuses to go out. But, her good friend a bit forcibly takes her out with them.

You can get Kanako Horiuchi’s latest album including Sangwachimeh through Amazon JP:
肝美らさ chimuchurasa 〜connected with people〜

Let’s Start Adobe Stock with Cherry Blossoms Video

Recently, I set up my Adobe Stock account as a seller. To begin with, I uploaded a couple of video clips of bell cherry blossoms in Okinawa.

Here is the preview:

Setting up a seller account at Adobe Stock is pretty straight-forward. To start selling your stock videos, photos, and graphics, you need to upload a copy of your photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) beforehand.

Here’s my Adobe Stock page:

Let’s see how this path leads to…